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Randomz مشروع

 نرحب بكم في متجر “راندومز”  مزيج من سحر الريف الأنيق  مع أحدث صيحات الموضة وديكور المنزل الجذاب ا

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Genuine Care

As one of SawAid’s community service projects, Genuine Care stands out as a compassionate organization dedicated to enriching the lives of seniors and those in need of assistance. Our

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As one of SawAid’s community service projects, Careerzma stands as a pioneering force in the realm of recruitment. Our aim is to connect top-tier talent with innovative companies, envi

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Sawa Market & Cafe

As one of SawAid’s community service projects, we proudly present Sawa Market & Cafe—an embodiment of Glocal (global + local) adventure! More than just a market, we serve as a co

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As a community service project offered by SawAid, welcome to Randomz Shop—a fusion of the rustic charm of Country Chic Paint with the latest fashion trends and captivating home decor. Disc

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As part of SawAid’s community service initiatives, explore Owesom—a project dedicated to providing unique furniture, curated home decor, elegant lighting, rejuvenating mattresses, st

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Halloween Boss

As a community service project by SawAid, welcome to “Halloween Boss,” your ultimate destination for all things spooky! Established in Alberta, Canada, in 2019, we’ve emerg

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Trendys Hub

As one of SawAid’s community service projects, Trendys Hub emerges as a boutique specializing in elevating living spaces. Discover a meticulously curated selection of cozy cushions, th

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Study Admissions

As one of SawAid’s community service projects, Study Admission provides comprehensive support to students embarking on the journey of studying abroad. Our team comprises experienced ad

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Petra Rose

Welcome to SawAid’s community service project, mirroring the transformative essence found at Petra Rose. Delve into initiatives where each element embodies elegance and individuality.

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