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Community Engagement

Community Engagement and Environmental Sustainability:

  • Volunteering Opportunities: Facilitating connections between volunteers and organizations through the Vilunteeri platform.
  • Sustainability Projects: Initiatives aimed at promoting environmental awareness and action within communities.

Genuine Care

Genuine Care is a compassionate organization dedicated to enhancing the lives of seniors and those needing assistance. Their mission goes beyond providing services; it’s about enriching the community with a heartfelt commitment to dignity, inclusivity, and wellbeing. With personalized in-home support, companionship, and maintenance services, they ensure daily tasks are met with care. They also keep clients connected through technology assistance and foster social engagement through community events. Genuine Care champions a volunteer-based model to make their services accessible to all, embodying their role as not just caretakers, but as friends, neighbors, and key supporters of a vibrant, fulfilling life for every community member.

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